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5 Types of Shower Caddy You Can Add to Your Home

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The shower caddy is a stable of just about every single shower out there in the world, because they are such convenient ways for you to have everything you need while you’re in there bathing.  Keeping clean requires several products if you want to stay on top of things, and that means that you’re going to have to have a handy way to store all those items.  With things like bottles of body wash, soap or shampoo, it can be hard finding a place for everything on the edges of the tub or that’s just convenient for when you’re going to shower.

But with a shower caddy you’ll find that it’s pretty simple to keep everything that you need right on hand all the time. That’s because they are going to be so handy for you to actually store everything in.  But you want to buy a great one, so that you can make sure you have a shower caddy that’s going to be really convenient for using just about any time, or even making sure that you can transport them pretty easily.  Here are a few options when you’re looking for the right types.

Shower Head Caddies

These are really common, and are probably the type that you’re going to see in most households.  But what you will find with this sort of shower caddy is that they are made to actually loop right over the showerhead itself, so that they can stay on right below where the water is going to come out.  That makes for a really convenient place where you can grab everything that you need in terms of soap and the like, so that it’s going to be really easy for you to take a shower with all of the things that you need.

Corner Caddies

If you’re looking for convenience, few things can outweigh just how extremely convenient the right type of corner caddy is going to be.  That’s because they can literally slot in just about anywhere, and can be installed right into the wall or ceiling.  This way, you don’t run in to the problems that could happen when installing your shower caddy underneath the shower head, and they are also going to be just as easy for you to grab and take items as you need them throughout the bathing process.

Shower Shelf

Need some space but you really don’t have that many items that you use? Then this is the right solution for you.  Here you’ll get all the great convenience of the corner caddy, with the combined easy of use and simple storage, but you can also count on them being incredibly simple for you to install as well.  Plus they don’t take up as much room, and a shower shelf can go in just about any place or position that you would want a normal shower caddy, but with the added advantage of being able to fasten them literally anywhere.

Portable Shower Caddy

Looking for something that you can take with you while you’re traveling, so that you can shower with ease in the hotel?  Then this is just what you want to go for, as you’re going to find that they are really convenient to pack up and put away in almost any type of room.  You’ll find that they typically come with folding designs that allow you to keep your bath items inside too, so that you can ensure everything is really easy to transport.  In fact they are also ideal for households where you have a roommate, so that you can take and remove your items as need be to keep the shower clear.

College Shower Caddy

A lot like the portable types, but made to be even more easy to tote around as they are typically shaped just like tote bags.  This way, if there are showers that everybody has to share in a dorm facility, you’re able to take all of your shower stuff with you so that you can get clean and have all the things that you need, which is going to make it that much easier on yourself as well. Either way, they are handy shower caddy devices to have, so that you can take your items with you anywhere in a hurry.