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All the Info You Need Before Buying a Sliding Shower Door

A comprehensive resource to assist you in buying and installing shower pans.

Getting a sliding door for your shower is a great way that you can save space, but still install a safe and secure way that you can keep moisture out of the rest of the room.  However, you’re also going to find that they are not so simple as just buying any sliding shower door.  But rather, you want to think about the style of door that you want, how to maintain them, and even how you should install them. That makes this a pretty complicated process that you have to go through to make sure that you’re really happy.

But bathroom renovations are so rarely as easy as you might think they are, though they do end up being worth the trouble in the end.  No matter what it is that you’re trying to install, you’re going to find that there are all sorts of ways that you can really change around sliding shower doors and customize them to suit the room perfectly.  But you also have to be prepared for how they need to be cleaned and maintained, so that you don’t have any problems with them down the line:

1. Buying the right type of door for your enclosure.

This means a few things really, but you want to think about what type of door you want based upon the style of shower that you’re actually building.  There are dual sliding door, so that you can get in on either side of a large shower opening.  But then you can also choose those that just have the one sliding door so that you can install a towel rack for convenience on the other glass surface as well.  Either way, you’ve got some options as to how you want to set up your shower.

2. Choosing the right style of glass.

This can also be important, as you’re going to find a few things here.  One the one hand you’re going to find that the stylish way to go is usually sleek clear glass so that it looks like the shower door isn’t even there.  But if you want a bit of privacy in case a family member comes wandering in while you’re bathing, then you want to go with a shower that has a fogged effect in the glass, so that you have a natural way that you can cover up while you’re actually showering.

3. Installing your door.

The short way to ensure the job gets done quickly with a sliding shower door, is always to have the job done professionally.  This way, you can ensure that your work is done right, and that it’s done by a trained professional.  That’s always key to making sure that you do get the job done, and that you have someone you can count on to install properly.  It’s just too hard doing a sliding shower door if you’ve never installed them before, what with the different design and all the adjustments that you could have to make, so it’s worth the extra money to not deal with a hassle.

4. Properly cleaning and maintaining your shower door.

But then you also want to ensure that you’re properly taking care of your shower door as well, and getting all the little crevices where things can develop because of moisture and use over the years.  You’re going to need a squeegee so that you can clean the glass for sure, otherwise you can end up with streaks.  In fact, you’re going to want to take the squeegee to the glass after every shower, so that you can ensure it stays clean and properly clear.

But then you also need to make sure that you’re cleaning the door track, which can get soap scum as well as mildew lined all throughout the area if you’re not careful.  That means really getting in there and cleaning every bit of the track and also allowing it to dry properly.  This doesn’t need to be done often, but may be a yearly operation that you’re going to want to do, just so that you can keep the door working properly and cut down on the likelihood of it breaking down at some point in the future.