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How To Shop For Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

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There are various types of fixtures required in a bathroom to make it practical for use. All bathrooms need a sink for hand washing, shaving and other personal grooming needs and there are many styles of sink available, ranging from the basic to the more decorative. If your preference is for a decorative style then bathroom sinks and vanities can be a good choice of fixture.

Styles Available

Bathroom sinks and vanities are available in a few different styles. A bathroom vanity is typically a style of cabinet which has space below for the storage of towels and other bathroom equipment and a countertop which is typically used for personal grooming items. Many vanities can be produced with a sink built in to the countertop and this can be a practical style of bathroom fixture. The main advantage is having the sink and countertop space in the same location. This makes it easy to store combs, soap, toothbrushes and other personal items on the countertop beside the sink so that they are easily to hand when using the sink.

Getting The Decorative Look You Want

Another advantage of bathroom sinks and vanities is their decorative look. Many are produced in ornate carved wood and as well as being practical items they can also be an attractive central feature for a bathroom. This makes them a popular style and they are widely available in a number of outlets. Some of the places they can be found for sale include home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot and also internet retailers such as Just Vanities and Kitchen and Bath Warehouse.

Vessel Sinks

A style of sink that has been commonly used in recent times is the vessel sink and this works well with a bathroom vanity. Rather than being set into the vanity, a vessel sink sits on top of the cabinet and in recent times bathroom sinks and vanities in this style have become popular. Rather than being ceramic or porcelain like the majority of sinks, vessel sinks are produced in a range of materials and this can include glass, stone such as granite and metal such as copper and brass. The typical shape of them is round, although they can also be found in other shapes.

How To Match Sinks And Vanities With The Rest Of Your Bathroom

Matching a vessel sink with a vanity cabinet can provide an attractive and contemporary style for your bathroom. Many homes now include this style and vessel sinks and the bathroom vanities they can be set on are commonly available these days. While it is possible to buy two separate pieces, many vessel sinks and vanities are sold as a set and home improvement stores and internet bathroom retailers generally have a selection from which to choose.

Cost/Buying Options

The cost of bathroom sinks and vanities will typically depend on the style and the materials. Basic units can be found for less than $200 with the Woodcrafters Chelsea 25 inch Vanity with Porcelain Sink from Home Depot being an example. This sink and vanity cost around $170 to purchase, with the wood cabinet being finished in nutmeg for an attractive look. At the more expensive end of the market sinks and vanities for the bathroom can cost up to $1,000 or greater to purchase.

If you are looking for more than just a basic sink then bathroom sinks and vanities can be an excellent choice. They come in a number of attractive styles and materials and as well as being practical fixtures will dress up your bathroom with a decorative style. When remodeling your bathroom this makes them an option to consider.