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Decorative Bathroom Vanity Cabinets For The Wall

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There are many fixtures which can be included in a bathroom and typically these need to be practical as well as attractive. If you are looking for a simple fixture that can be used for a few different functions in the bathroom, then including bathroom vanity cabinets is an option to consider.

Variety Of Styles Available

Bathroom vanity cabinets come in a variety of styles and the one you choose will depend on what you intend to use it for. The most basic style is a simple cabinet with a countertop. The cabinet provides useful storage space and can be used to hold towels and other larger bathroom accessories. The countertop provides space to hold smaller bathroom equipment such as combs, make up, toothbrushes and other personal grooming items. Vanities are typically intended for personal grooming use and for this purpose many come as a set with a mirror. While in some cases the mirror can be attached to the vanity itself, in other cases a wall mirror is provided as part of the set.

Inserting The Sink

In many cases vanity cabinets for use in the bathroom are produced with a sink set into the countertop. This obviously has practical advantages in that combining the sink and vanity into one unit is a space saving option and this can be useful, especially in smaller bathrooms. Having the sink located in the countertop where your personal grooming equipment is stored is also a more practical solution for the bathroom and can make it easier to use.

Popularity Of Vessel Sinks

Bathroom vanity cabinets have also become more popular in recent times because of the popularity of vessel sinks. A vessel sink is a free standing sink that is typically placed on a countertop. It can therefore be paired well with a vanity cabinet and can provide an attractive and modern style for a bathroom.

Where To Look When Shopping

There are a number of outlets that have bathroom vanity cabinets for sale. Home Depot is an example of this and they have a wide range of vanities available from manufacturers such as Pegasus, Kohler and Woodcrafters. These vary from small, basic vanities such as the Kohler Black Forest Petite Vanity to larger double sink styles such as the Pegasus Gazette 60 inch Vanity in Espresso. Costs for these will typically depend on the size, style and materials, with more affordable models costing between $150 and $200. At the more expensive end of the market vanity cabinets for the bathroom can cost up to $1,000 and greater to purchase.

Other retailers that have bathroom vanity cabinets for sale include internet stores such as Buy vanities Online and Modern Bathroom. Lowes is another home improvement store that has a wide range of bathroom vanities for sale.

Bathroom vanity cabinets can be an attractive and practical fixture to include in your bathroom. They provide storage space for larger bathroom accessories such as towels as well as providing a convenient location to store your personal grooming equipment. Installing one with a sink in the countertop can be a neat space saving option and this can be useful for smaller bathrooms. Vanity cabinets can therefore be useful fixtures to install in any bathroom.