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Fiberglass Shower Pans

A comprehensive resource to assist you in buying and installing shower pans.

Fiberglass shower pans are made of acrylic material that give them much flexibility as compared to other shower pans.  Made up of extremely fine fibers of glass,  they help to form the base of a shower to prevent leakage and other problems from occurring.

What people like most about fiberglass shower pans is that they’re cheaper and a convenient option for shower pan installations.  As a result, the fiberglass shower pan is one of the most common makes of a shower pan for do it yourself shower pan kits because they’re smaller, cheaper, and generally convenient all around.

The main purpose of shower pans is to manage or facilitate the flow of water, preventing the overflow and damage that can occur with improperly drained water.  The most common kind of shower pan is the tile ready shower pan, also known as the traditional shower pan, but fiberglass shower pans continue to grow in popularity.

This article will list some of the advantages to usin fiberglass shower pans over tile ready shower pans.  Let’s take a look at a few of them now.

For one, fiberglass shower pans are cheaper options.  They also rarely break, as they’re far less delicate in general due to the acrylic flexibility that fiberglass offers.  As a result, a fiberglass shower base is very unlikely to develop cracks.  You’ll also take pleasure in the fact that fiberglass shower bases as easy to maintain.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider using an acrylic shower pan.

There are a few different kinds of fiberglass shower pan, and they’re classified into four categories.  Let’s take a closer look at them.

First of all, there’s the standard fiberglass shower pan.  Here are some of the key attributes of this type of shower base.

•    simple design
•    rectangular pan, outlet or drain holes in the center
•    very convenient because its dimension is very flexible in any kinds of shower enclosures
•    available in many sizes
•    reduces accumulation of dirt and moisture compared to tile ready shower pans

Corner fiberglass shower pan

•    can fit into very inconvenient places, and its flexibility in this regard is seen as a very valuable attribute
•    most of the time shape is pentagonal
•    unique shape makes it creative and beautiful

3. Corner fiberglass shower base with seat

•    very creative, breaks the traditional mold in terms of look
•    fiberglass seat installed in the corner of the shower pan
•    only really works in places that have the unique shape and structure to accommodate this

Left/right standard fiberglass shower pans

•    very easy to install compared to other makes
•    resembles standard pan in terms of look and feel
•    square shaped, as opposed to rectangular
•    drain is located in the corner, either to the very right or left

When choosing the best fiberglass shower pan for your situation, the biggest things to remember are your planned placement of the shower pan, the style you’re going for, and how much money you’re prepared to spend.

While we’ve listed many reasons to consider using fiberglass shower pans, there are some negatives that come with the territory too.  There aren’t many, but it’s important to know about them nonetheless.  Here are a few.

Fiberglass shower pans are very corrosive to cleaning agents, so you really need to be careful as to what you’re using when cleaning them.  They’re very sensitive to heat, and could easily burn or bend with the wrong treatment.  The best way to avert this issue is by avoiding the use of acidic and corrosive solutions like muriatic acid.  Rather opt for soaps or mild cleaning agents when cleaning any acrylic shower pan.  Be careful with the soap though, as it may cause you fiberglass shower pan to become very slippery.

Anther disadvantage of a fiberglass shower pan is that it’s not that modifiable.  You won’t be able to cut any portion of the fiberglass when installing it to fit, as doing this could easily cause the acrylic shower base to crack.

One last disadvantage that we’ll mention is if your fiberglass shower pan has some oddly placed corners or parts, these could easily breed germs and bacteria.  As we all know, they’ll always look to hard to reach surfaces in order to thrive.