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Glass Block Shower Bathroom Enclosures

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Installing the right type of shower can really be a fun way to ensure that you’re able to make the bathroom your own, and really allow it to transform into an area you’re going to love enjoying.  With a glass block shower for example, you can have something really artful and luxurious, that’s going to make taking a shower just that much more of a pleasant experience.  Plus you can design them in any way that you would like, in just about any type of shape you would like as well.  With the right style of glass block shower, you’ll be amazed at just how different your bathroom can look for the better.

How To Plan

When you’re after any type of shower like this, it takes a bit of planning on your part. Namely, you want to think about the type of shape you would like your glass block shower to take on, or where you would like to use the blocks.  You’re going to find that a block construct like this can be so simple as just one stylish wall of the shower, or it can totally enclose the full body of the shower as well, everywhere except the door.  Plus you can make them all sorts of different shapes as well, from the traditional sort of square or rectangular type of shape, to the more multisided polygon types as well.

Styling Options

Of course, you can even choose the style of glass block shower that you want to go with, just based upon the blocks that you would like to use in the construction of the shower.  There are all different shapes, from those that take on a more squared off type of shape, and are easy to stack.  To those that feature a more diamond shape, and can give you a really different edge when you’re going for something unique.  But you can also find great glass block shower options also, based upon the style of block materials, whether you want fogged glass, or clear glass to really complete the look.

Do It Yourself vs. Professional Help

Just remember that these can be difficult to build on your own, so you may want to consider hiring a professional to put together the shower for you.  That’s because glass is pretty delicate, and even the blocks are going to be able to be broken pretty easily.  But you’re also going to find that there is all sorts of other techniques involved for building and stacking them in the right fashion, and typically a professional is going to be able to get the job done for you more confidently.

Where To Buy Supplies

Of course, you can buy everything you need for your glass block shower from just about any hardware store, so no matter what route you choose finding supplies is pretty easy.  Through stores like Home Depot or even through stores like Lowes, you can get all the glass you need to make any type of shower that you want to create.  That way, you’re really free to explore all sorts of options based upon the types of glass that you can find.