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Small Bathroom Remodel And Renovation Ideas

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The bathroom is one of the areas of a home that needs to be functional as well as stylish. While most people want their bathroom to be attractive it also needs to be well laid out and easy to use. If you live in a property with a smaller bathroom achieving a practical layout is not always the easiest of tasks, although there are a number of remodeling ideas that can help. A small bathroom remodel need not be overly expensive though and there are many options available to improve a bathroom layout.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Big

Creating the illusion of space can help to make a smaller bathroom feel less cramped and more comfortable. This is a simple small bathroom remodel idea and can generally be done for an affordable price. Adding a large mirror on one of the walls is an example of this and can help to make a bathroom feel larger. There are many decorative mirror styles available from antique to art deco and contemporary and these can add an attractive and practical touch to a bathroom.

How To Light A Small Bathroom

Lightening the color of a bathroom can help to provide a more airy feeling and this is another simple, cost effective small bathroom remodel idea. While matte or gloss paint can be used on walls and ceilings it is also possible to repaint bathtubs, sinks and tiles using epoxy based paint. There are a few epoxy paints specifically produced for this with Homax Tub & Sink Brush-On One-Part Epoxy White Paint being an example of this. At only $25 this is affordable to buy and painting your bathtub, sink and tiles in white can improve the look of a small bathroom and make it feel less enclosed.

Corner Furniture = More Space

If you are looking to replace the fixtures in a smaller bathroom, a good option is to use corner equipment. This typically takes up less room and can provide more space in a smaller bathroom, making the room more comfortable to use. Corner equipment is ideal for a small bathroom remodel and examples of this type of fixture include corner bathtubs, corner shower units and corner vanities. By utilizing the corner space in a small bathroom a little more space is freed up along the walls and this can open up the layout of the room and make it less cramped.

Proper Planning

Prior to do any work on a small bathroom remodel it can be worth doing a little planning to ensure the fixtures you include are suitable for your needs. If you can live without a bathtub and require only a shower unit this can make it much easier to achieve a better layout. Bathtubs are typically the largest feature in a bathroom and removing this from a small bathroom can free up a lot of floor space. If you can therefore live with only a shower it can help to create a better layout in a small bathroom.

Space Issues

Storage space in a small bathroom can also be an issue. However, if you can use suitable storage in a bedroom for towels and other bathroom accessories it can help to cut down the size of vanities and cupboards you need in the bathroom. This again will free up a little space a make a small bathroom feel less cramped.

Final Ideas To Consider

There are many ideas for a small bathroom remodel and this can range from the simple addition of a large mirror to create the feeling of space, to full scale refitting using appropriate fixtures such as corner units. The aim of a remodel is to create space, or at least the illusion of space, to make a smaller bathroom more comfortable and practical to use.