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Automatic and Manual Toilet Bowl Cleaner Options

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The bathroom is a location which can easily get dirty and germs and bacteria can get a hold if given a chance to do so. It therefore pays to clean a bathroom on a regular basis and this is especially so with the toilet. There are a number of different toilet bowl cleaner products available which can help with the job of keeping a toilet clean and these are widely available on the market.

Different Types

There are a variety of toilet bowl cleaner products that can be used in the bathroom. A simple product that can be used is an automatic toilet cleaner. These types of product are placed permanently in your toilet and can help to clean with every flush. The toilet bowl will still typically need to be cleaned more thoroughly every so often, but an automatic toilet cleaner should help to make this an easier job by ensuring the bowl does not get too dirty in the first place.

Automatic Cleaners

Examples of automatic toilet cleaners include the Clorox Automatic Bowl Cleaner for the Toilet which costs around $39 for a 12 pack. These are large tablets which are placed in the water tank behind the toilet. They help to clean and deodorize the toilet each time it is flushed and also assist in keeping stains from sticking to the bowl. Another example is the Lysol Cling Clip-On Waterfall Toilet Cleaner Tablets. These cost around $35 for a pack of 12 and rather than being placed in the water tank, these are clipped onto the toilet itself just below the rim. However they work in a similar way in that each time the toilet is flushed the water runs over the tablet and releases its cleaning ingredients which help to keep the bowl cleaner.

Regular Cleaners That Can Clean Toilets

There are also a number of toilet bowl cleaner products that can be used for regular cleaning. These typically come in gel, liquid or powder form and are placed in the toilet and left to work for a little time before being scrubbed clean with a toilet brush. Examples of this type of product include Lysol Toilet Cleaner with Bleach. This is a cleaning liquid with a 24oz bottle costing around $26 to purchase. This product is typically sprayed around the toilet under the rim and left to run down into the bowl. It coats the toilet surface and is left for a few minutes to work before being scrubbed clean. It helps to clean and disinfect the toilet bowl and is said to be effective against most types of germs and bacteria that can collect in a toilet bowl.

Eco-Friendly Chemical Options

If you are worried about using harsh chemicals in your home there are now a number of manufacturers that produce environmentally friendly toilet bowl cleaner products. Seventh Generation is an example of this and their 32oz bottle of Emerald Cypress & Fir Scent cleaner costs around $27 to purchase. This contains only biodegradable and non-toxic ingredients and while it is effective at cleaning a toilet it is gentle on the environment and can therefore be a good product to purchase.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your bathroom and especially your toilet clean and germ free is an important part of household cleanliness. There are a number of effective toilet bowl cleaner products available for this and using these should ensure that your toilet is fresh for use whenever needed.