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Permanent And Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

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Toilets are a location in a home or public restroom where germs and bacteria can typically collect. If this is something that concerns you there are a range of options for providing yourself some protection from these. While cleaning a toilet on a regular basis is the best way to avoid problems with dirt, germs and bacteria, toilet seat covers are also an option.

Disposable Options

Toilet seat covers are typically disposable paper items which are produced in the same shape as a toilet seat. They are used by placing them over the toilet seat such that your body comes into contact with the paper rather than the toilet seat itself and using them can make people more comfortable. This is especially so in public restrooms. While you can clean your own toilet regularly, you have no control over the cleanliness of a public restroom and using covers for a toilet seat can provide a little peace of mind. However as they are typically made of paper it pays to ensure the toilet seat is dry before placing a cover on it.

Top Manufacturers

There are a few manufacturers that produce toilet seat covers with Charmin being one of these. They produce a pack of 5 toilet covers which cost only $1 to purchase. These are produced in a package small enough to fit in a purse meaning they are easy to carry with you for use whenever needed. Another example is Coghlan’s Biodegradable Toilet Cover with a pack of 10 costing around $5.50. These are produced in biodegradable tissue and provide a sanitary seat cover when using the toilet in a public restroom.

Permanent OptionsThere are also more permanent toilet seat covers designed for use in the home. The Comfy Covers Germ Resistant Seat Cover for a Toilet is an example of this. It costs $10 to purchase and is manufactured from ultra soft acrylic making it comfortable to use. It has a built-in germ resistant treatment which will not wash out even though the cover is machine washable. It is available in a few different colors including blue, tan and white meaning it can easily be matched to the décor in your bathroom.

Decorative Uses

While toilet seat covers are practical items which can be used for sanitary purposes they can also be used for decorative means to improve the look of a bathroom. Toilet Tattoos, for example produce a range of hygienic, removable covers which can be placed on the lid of the toilet to provide a more attractive style. They are available in a few different designs with Koi Fish and Frogs being examples of these.

Varieties Available

Whether they are used for sanitary or decorative purposes, there are a variety of toilet seat covers from which to choose. This ranges from disposable paper covers which can be placed over a toilet seat to more permanent sanitary and decorative covers for use in the home. If you are concerned about the hygiene and cleanliness of toilets then they can be a good option to use and can provide a little peace of mind that you have some protection from any bugs and germs that may be lurking on a toilet seat.