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Tub Shower Enclosures

A comprehensive resource to assist you in buying and installing shower pans.

Installing the right tub shower enclosures in your home can be a great way to convert literally any bathtub into a fantastic walk in shower.  You’ll be amazed by the way a new enclosure can really transform the look of the entire room, and you’ll always be amazed with the results.  Plus there are a variety of different types of tub shower enclosures for you to choose from, which guarantees that you’ll be able to find an ideal one for your home. All you have to do is figure out the look that you want your bathroom to take, so that you can convert the whole space for the better.

Although, you want to plan your tub shower enclosures choices out like any other construction job.  This is important, so that you can ensure that you do the job the right way, and also so that you can stay on budget.  In fact, you want to plan out a budget beforehand, so that you know just how much money you have to spend under any circumstances.  Any type of home construction work is going to be expensive, but if you’re not prepared for the expense, you’ll find that it can really get away from you more quickly than you intended.

One of the first things that you’ll want to think about, is the look that you want your tub shower enclosures to take on.  This means figuring out a style that works for you the most.  You’ll find that some enclosures are meant to mimic the look of a walk in shower, while others create a great place for you to bathe or shower.  The best type for you actually depends upon the way that you like to shower the most.  Many people like to use these for a clawfoot bath tub, as the shape of this bath type goes really nicely with these enclosures.

If you want to retain the ability to use your tub normally, you won’t want to mess with it that much.  Otherwise, you will want to focus on making the whole area look like a walk in shower, so that you can really change the feel of the room.

The main thing when you’re deciding on the tub shower enclosures that you will enjoy the best, is thinking about the type of doors that you want.  Usually the best enclosures are made from either fiberglass or actual glass, but you want to choose the way in which the doors will work carefully, so that you can be totally happy with the overall feel of your bathroom.  You’ll find that some feature glass doors that swing open, just like a walk in shower.  While the most common type of enclosure door is the sliding door.

The best way to really find tub shower enclosures that you’re guaranteed to enjoy, is by going through a professional interior designer.  They will be able to provide you with the expertise you need to design a shower that you’ll really love.  Plus, they will be able to professionally install all of the aspects that you choose, as well as customize your enclosure to your specific needs.  But make sure that you get work estimates from a variety of different companies, so that you can find the most affordable tub shower enclosures possible.